Minecraft snapshot 13w24a

Minecraft snapshot 13w24a は大量のバグ修正が殆どで新しく追加されたのは新しい昼夜の時間と、テクスチャパックに代わるリソースパックの追加の2つが主な項目となっているようだ。


Minecraft snapshot 13w24a

  • Removed Texture Pack support, added Resource Packs
  • Added new gamerule for day-night cycle
  • Things and stuff
  • [BUG MC-1202] – Mobs spawn and then quickly despawn in peaceful. Looks like the “ender-porting-out-of-water” effect.
  • [BUG MC-2097] – You can’t get “The End?” achievement
  • [BUG MC-2419] – Persistence required tag freezes mobs
  • [BUG MC-2559] – Squids taking damage while in water
  • [BUG MC-2692] – Hard to spawn Squids
  • [BUG MC-15058] – Scoreboard “health” objective set to display “belowname” disconnecting player on multiplayer with end of stream
  • [BUG MC-16149] – Lava texture animation moves too fast / Animated textures ignoring text files

Fixed in ‘b’:

  • [BUG MC-552] – Command block choosing wrong people / Selecting players cross-dimensional
  • [BUG MC-9917] – In multiplayer screen holding shift and pressing “down” without selecting any server crashes the game
  • [BUG MC-13276] – Zombies with increased health don’t deal damage
  • [BUG MC-16183] – Using the autocomplete function in chat (tab) disconnects clients in multiplayer
  • [BUG MC-16530] – When under resistance effects above 5, /kill command does not work.
  • [BUG MC-16639] – Game Tick Speed Issue?
  • [BUG MC-17023] – Packet250CustomPayload StackOverFlowError
  • [BUG MC-17093] – Player inducible stack overflow
  • [BUG MC-17444] – Health scoreboard doesn’t display hearts from health boost
  • [BUG MC-17454] – Take damage when removing health boost effect
  • [BUG MC-17558] – natural regeneration = false not working in peaceful
  • [BUG MC-17571] – Health overflow isn’t removed when health boost ends
  • [BUG MC-17622] – Baby Zombies Spawner crash the game
  • [BUG MC-17656] – No Server Connection Bars in Multiplayer Menu or Ingame
  • [BUG MC-17660] – Ressources packs still named Texture packs in options
  • [BUG MC-17663] – “Health Boost” Potion Effect shows “potion.healthBoost”
  • [BUG MC-17666] – Minecarts do not have the correct texture pack
  • [BUG MC-17700] – firecharge texture is green
  • [BUG MC-17701] – Fire Animation Jumps and skips frames.
  • [BUG MC-17731] – GUI broken when Boss health bar is visible
  • [BUG MC-17747] – Carpet can be placed ontop of glass panes but not ontop of iron bars
  • [BUG MC-17753] – Texts for “credits” and “end” not showing up properly in default or with a resource pack on.
  • [BUG MC-17784] – DoDaylightCycle bed bug
  • [BUG MC-17803] – Biome colormaps are not updating on texture pack change
Minecraft snapshot 13w24a


  • テクスチャーパックのサポートを取り除き、リソースパックを追加
  • 新しいゲームルールの為の昼夜サイクル(時間設定?)を追加。
  • Things and stuff



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