Minecraft – Pocket Edition

App Store で Minecrfat の Pocket Edition が 600 円で発売され順調な売れ行きだそうです。ただし現時点では PC バージョンとは大きく異なるようなので、同じものを期待して買う感じではないらしい。

Minor version 0.1.3 (compatible with iOS 0.1.2+)
+ Better tablet support, less oversized ingame UI elements
+ Performance improvements, especially in Non-Fancy graphics mode
+ Added cactuses to deserts
+ Added Turn Sensitivity setting
+ Improvements in network chunk loading
+ More sounds in J-version
Fixed a crash bug when connecting to some iOS server maps
Blocks placed on snow were added incorrectly in multiplayer


App Store – Minecraft – Pocket Edition


The Plan for Minecraft – Pocket Edition
Minecraft – Pocket Edition 0.1.3 (Android)
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