Minecraft snapshot 15w50a


Minecraft snapshot 15w50a

Bugs. More bugs. They are everywhere. But more and more of them get removed every week. So here is another development snapshot that hopefully fixes more bugs than it introduces. If your “favorite” bug is still not fixed in this version, do not worry. All important bugs will be fixed before we even consider releasing a final 1.9 version of the game.

As always, if you want us to look into certain bugs with higher priority, vote for the most annoying bugs on our bug tracker to draw our attention to them. We will eventually dedicate some time to look into the highest voted bugs irrespective of their severity.

Notable changes:

  • More bugs are fixed
  • Order of issues on todo list inverted
  • More sounds are still being added
  • The AI is now another 1.79% smarter than before
  • Working on todo list from bottom to top now
  • Monster try to avoid more dangerous things in the world






  • さらにバグ修正
  • ToDo リストの問題のオーダーを逆さひっくりかえす
  • 更に沢山の音が追加された
  • AI が 1.79% 以前より賢くなった。
  • todo リストの一番最後から上に向けて今取り組んでる。
  • ワールド内のモンスターが危険な事を避けようとするようになった

Minecraft: Duplicate items in 1.8


Minecraft: Duplicate items in 1.8 and 1.7.3 SSP / SMP


Piston 複製バグ

Minecraft : Piston Duplication Glitch


Piston で発見されてしまった致命的な複製バグ。1.7ではなく1.72 でも動作するのか検証してみた所普通に動いてしまうようです。

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Minecraft Beta 1.2_01

Minecraft にBeta 1.2 に続き直ぐに、Beta 1.2_01 のパッチが入った。



* Fixed various blocks acting really weird when placed (rails, torches, and more)
* Optimized performance
* Added a new painting that we forgot to include yesterday
* Reduced spawn rates a bit
* Fixed a whole pile of lighting bugs
* No more ghosts at night
* Added a temporary fix to get rid of chunk visibility errors

Minecraft Beta 1.2_01

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