Minecraft 1.2.3 リリース

Minecrft 1.2.3 がリリースされていたらしい。主な変更点はバグ修正などなので、訳はいいかな?

Minecraft 1.2.3

Bug Fixes:

Fixed light bug at height 255.
Corrected Zombies and Skeletons not burning in sunlight.
With this, fixed all natural light (not torchlight) being 1 lightlevel darker than it should be, except at world creation.
Corrected birch and spruce saplings not growing at height > 127.


Tall grass, flowers and mushrooms under shade / darkness will light up the tile 1 more than it should be.
Doors and beds cannot be placed in snow, unlike other blocks which will replace the snow.
If a Redstone Lamp is destroyed and picked up while it is ON, it will be considered as a different block type to its OFF counterpart.
Aggressive Mobs will sometimes stop and spin circles, then continue attacking the player.
if a Zombie gets into a web they will spin around untill they fall though or get attacked by the player.
Cave spiders pushed by water will stop when running into any solid or non-solid block, even when there is an empty space below them.
When sprinting across Jungle Leaves, gray particles are created, instead of the normal green.
some times Skeletons will spawn much much more then other mobs.
Wolves can sometimes despawn in SMP.
Vines are (still) grey in 3rd-Person view.
In SMP servers, sometimes client-side “ghost” copies of dropped items are created on death. These cannot be picked up, but physics still apply to them. Occurs more often on clients with bad connection.
In SMP, when a player teleports, sometimes they will not appear immediately to other clients. This occurs more often, and with worsened effects on servers with less RAM.
In SMP (at least) It is possible for a Nether portal created at sea level to take you to the top of the upper Nether bedrock. My guess is that step 3 of “Linkage between Overworld and Nether” doesn’t ignore the new empty upper half of the Nether. Presumably, the 33 X 33 space centered on my portal location was mostly filled with solid blocs and the first empty space the game found was above 128.
In SMP, When a player is holding a Lilly pad, another player views the Lilly pad as grey, not the usual green (much like the 3rd person vine bug).
If you go high enough at night, you can see the sun on the ground sometimes.
Light seems to flicker a lot even though it’s pitch black(random flickers of light with out any light source), it’s noticed the most when the brightness is all the way up.
When it’s raining, mobs may turn pitch black.

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