Minecraft snapshot 14w31a

Minecraft snapshot 14w31a

We’re starting to wind down our development cycle, and as such we’re now focusing on bug fixing for a smooth release. This weeks snapshot comes with a bunch of fixed bugs, some more optimization and only minimal featurecreep.

Notable changes:

  • Experimental: Mob pathfinding is threaded.
  • Rabbits have sounds!
  • Bunch-o-optimizations!
  • Bunch-o-fixes!
  • The surface of the sun is no longer incorrectly made of cheese.
Minecraft snapshot 14w31a




  • 実験的なもの: Mob の経路探索をスレッド化した。
  • ウサギに音を着けた
  • 複数の最適化!
  • 複数のバグ修正!
  • 太陽の表面は間違えたチーズで作られなくなった

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