Minecraft 時間を止めるコマンド

/gamerule doDaylightCycle


/gamerule doDaylightCycle [true/false]



例:/gamerule doDaylightCycle false


例:/gamerule doDaylightCycle true

Minecraft /time コマンドの使い方

Minecraft /time コマンド

/time set <数値 | day | night>
  • day:昼にする
  • night:夜にする
例:/time set night

ワールドの時間を設定する。数値 は0以上の数字で、0 は日の出、6,000 が正午、12,000 が日没、18,000 が真夜中になる。数値 は 24,000 を超えた値の場合、単純に 24,000 で割った余りと同じ扱いになる。「time set day」で時間を 0 に、「time set night」で 12500 に設定する。

/time add <数値>

add の後ろに数値を入れた分だけ時間が進む。時間 0(日の出)の時に “/time add 6000” とすれば正午になる。

■ 現実の時間に合わせて設定したい人の為の一覧表

コマンド 時間
/time set 0 6:00am
/time set 1000 7:00am (day)
/time set 2000 8:00am
/time set 3000 9:00am
/time set 4000 10:00am
/time set 5000 11:00am
/time set 6000 12:00pm (正午)
/time set 7000 1:00pm
/time set 8000 2:00pm
/time set 9000 3:00pm
/time set 10000 4:00pm
/time set 11000 5:00pm
/time set 12000 6:00pm
/time set 13000 7:00pm (night)
/time set 14000 8:00pm
/time set 15000 9:00pm
/time set 16000 10:00pm
/time set 17000 11:00pm
/time set 18000 12:00am (真夜中)
/time set 19000 1:00am
/time set 20000 2:00am
/time set 21000 3:00am
/time set 22000 4:00am
/time set 23000 5:00am

■ 公式 Wiki に書かれているコマンドの例文


/time set
/time set 0 || Sets the time to dawn.(日の出)
/time set day || Sets the time to 1000.
/time set 6000 || Sets the time to midday(正午)
/time set 12000 || Sets the time to dusk(夕暮れ)
/time set night || Sets the time to 14000.
/time set 18000 || Sets the time to midnight(深夜)


/time set night || Full Moon (満月)
/time set 38000 || Waning Gibbous
/time set 62000 || Last Quarter
/time set 86000 || Waning Crescent
/time set 110000 || New Moon(新月)
/time set 134000 || Waxing Crescent
/time set 158000 || First Quarter
/time set 182000 || Waxing Gibbous


Time で 2011 の Top 10 に Minecraft が選ばれる

Minecraft – The Top 10 Everything of 2011 – TIME

It could be argued that Minecraft was a 2010 release, but it just came out of beta in November, so we’re putting it on the list; anyway, it’s so great, it should be on the list every year. Minecraft isn’t a complex pitch: you’re in a very big, rather retro-looking low-res world. You can walk around, you can pick up things, and you can make other things out of them. While you’re doing this, various animals try to eat you. The end. The complexity comes from you: the Minecraft universe is so endlessly, pleasurably reconfigurable and customizable that it rewards you for the zillions of hours you sink into it by becoming a reflection of your imagination.

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