Minecraft 1.9 リリースは11月まで延期?

10月 14th, 2011 § 0 comments

Minecraft 1.9 のアップデートが11月まで遅れるらしいという話。既にプレバージョンは公開されている Minecraft 1.9 だが、正式なリリースは11月まで遅れるのではないかと言う話が出ていた。

As rumors and confustion circulate amongst Minecraft fans, Mojang developer Jens Bergensten has attempted to keep fans updated with a prospective release date. Bergenstein originally tweeted, “Yes 1.9 should be out before oct 18th, ie. next week… Not that we’ve ever missed deadlines before, right? ;)”

Well it appears as if Mojang will miss another Minecraft deadline. It looks like Minecraft 1.9 Update will be pushed back into November, potentially coinciding with MineCon and the official Minecraft launch.

Jens followed up later in the day with another tweet, “At today’s meeting @notch suggested that should keep doing prereleases all the way to Minecon, so my previous tweet about 1.9 is obsolete :D ” Bergenstein later explained, “Notch wanted to wait with the update until Minecon.”

That pushes the Minecraft 1.9 Update all the way back until MineCon in November 18th and 19th, when the first official Minecraft convention will be held in Las Vegas.



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