1.9 Pre-Release 6

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Minecraft の正式版に向けて、プレリリース6 が11月11日に出されたようです。1.8からのアップデート量は膨大なので Minecrftologies では時間をかけてゆっくり対応していこうかなと思っています。ちなみに正式版発売日は11月18日となっています。以前の11/11/11から変更されています*1。


Version Date of Addition Additions Summary
1.9pre6 November 11, 2011

  • credits.txt, earlyplayers.txt and win.txt added to /title/ in minecraft.jar.
  • Added ending titles.
  • Added “Particles” setting in Video Settings. Has three possible states: “All”, rendering all particle effects, “Decreased”, rendering half of all particle effects, and “Minimal”, rendering no particle effects.
  • Added Dragon Egg; currently seems to serve no practical purpose, however.
  • More minor changes to textures, this time to:
    • Side texture of Grass, adhering to dirt texture change in previous pre-release
    • Sand
    • The Sun and Moon have square textures again. The phases of the Moon are also square.
  • More finished Enderdragon boss fight.
    • “Boss Health” Meter appears on the middle top part of the screen in the same purple hue as the Enderdragon.
    • Leaves behind a fountain like bedrock structure with the Enderdragon Egg sitting on top and has another Ender Portal to return to the players spawn point/ bed.
  • One new entity added, an object which sits atop of a bedrock block that is diamond shaped that has 2 squares spinning on their axis with a point at the center that fires a healing beam at the Enderdragon when within range, and can be destroyed with a melee or hit with an arrow, causing an explosion. They appear on all the Obsidian Spikes in The End.
  • Several blocks, such as Obsidian, Redstone Ore and Stone Bricks are mined much faster.
  • Glowstone was made transparent, thus it is impossible to place some objects such as torches on them.
  • Baby animals from dyed parents are now born dyed as well instead of white.

Bug Fixes:

  • Shooting arrows, using items and hitting mobs no longer uses up items/durability in creative.
  • Lily Pads are now a solid block.
  • Ferns, Tall Grass and Lily Pads are now available in the creative inventory.
  • Enchantment Tables now take time to mine, instead of one punch.
    • Unnecessary block versions of Cake and Sugar Cane removed from creative inventory.
  • “Mods and Texture Packs” changed to “Texture Packs”.
  • Repeater clocks no longer get stuck when unloading the chunk.
  • Placing fences under farmland doesn’t stop it from turning back into dirt.
  • Minecart with Furnace is able to push empty Minecart at any direction. Texture rotates wrong, though.

Notable Bugs: (Complete bug list)

  • Wooden Doors cannot be opened directly, redstone must be used.
  • You lose all experience levels/points after the credits.
  • Snow Biomes do not generate properly

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