Minecraft Snapshot 12w49a

12月 8th, 2012 § 0 comments

次の Minecraft アップデートに向けたSnapshot 12w49a が公開された。 Snapshot 12w49a では花火などクリスマスや新年に役立ちそう使えそうな項目が追加されているようだ。

Hey hey hey! Snapshot time!

Changes since 1.4.5:

  • Added fireworks (sound effects will come soon)
  • Added enchanted books for enchanting items
  • Plenty of bugs addressed!

“What’s this? This doesn’t sound like a redstone update at all!”, you say. “Indeed,” we say. Thing is, we* suddenly decided we wanted to make sure that you have fireworks for New Year’s Eve, so we’re working in several parallel branches of the code now. One is for the 1.5 “Redstone Update,” and one is now for a 1.4.6 patch update. This update will be out before Christmas, and 1.5 will wait until January (or possibly February).

次の Minecraft のアップデートに向けて Snapshot 12w49a が公開された。Snapshot 12w49a では花火など新年などで使えそうな項目が追加されているようだ。

Minecraft Snapshot 12w49a

Get the snapshot here:

Report bugs here:

// The Minecraft Team

* Send complaints to jeb_


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