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Mojang がまたイベント的な事をやっているようだったので紹介。 などで生中継がされるとか



Mojam is happening tomorrow! Help inspire us!

Surprise! Mojam is happening tomorrow! It’s kicking off at 6pm CEST. This is a very special time of the year. Mojang will be split into teams, and each of those teams will create a game inspired by you. We’ll have until midnight on Saturday to complete the creations. You’ll get to play the (wonderful) things we make.

We’re also proud to announce the involvement of six other developers who’ve kindly agreed to donate their time and energy to the project. They’ll be making games too, and their builds will also be included in the final bundle! Exciting eh?

What does this mean for you?

Mojam is happening tomorrow! Help inspire us!


Mojangの耐久ゲームジャム“Mojam”が今夜から実施!作品テーマが投票可能 – Game*Spark

Mojang の


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