Minecraft snapshot 14w28a

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Minecraft snapshot 14w28a

We’re starting to enter the last phase of our development cycle for 1.8, and so we’ll be focusing on finalizing features, fixing bugs and optimizing the game over the next few weeks as we draw a little closer to something we’d like to eventually consider releasable. Todays snapshot is one such example, bringing (hopefully) some big optimizations to the server and client, a few less bugs to worry about, and a handful of hugs in their place.

Notable Changes:

  • Servers can now customise network compression in server.properties
  • The new block model format for resource packs can be considered stable and ready to use.
  • Enchantments and effects now accept names instead of arbitrary IDs.
  • Alternative (random) block models specified by resource packs can now be disabled in Video Settings.
  • Many optimizations to both the server (including singleplayer) and the client.
  • Less bugs!
  • Compressed space and time.



私たちは1.8 向けの開発サイクルの最後の段階に入ろうとしている。次の数週間は、バグ修正、ゲームの最適化など機能の最終段階に焦点を絞っていく予定。


  • server.properties でサーバーの network compression をカスタマイズできるようになった。
  • リソースパックのための新しいブロックモデルのフォーマットを安定して使う為の準備。
  • エンチャントとエフェクトを任意のIDの代わりに名前にした。
  • リソースパックで明示された二者択一的な(ランダムな)ブロックモデルはビデオ設定(Video Setting)で無効にされた。
  • サーバー(シングルプレイーヤーのも含む)とクライアントの両方の為の沢山の最適化
  • 少しのバグ!
  • 時間と場所を圧縮。


Fixed Bugs:

  • [Bug MC-1532] – TNT Flashing Graphic when lit looks cut up and faded. / Z-fighting
  • [Bug MC-2990] – Heads, beds, and doors can’t be placed where there is thin snow
  • [Bug MC-8858] – Rain goes through upside-down stairs
  • [Bug MC-13633] – Horse’s jump bar appears even when the horse isn’t saddled yet
  • [Bug MC-16608] – Text Color in Hopper and Brewing Stand GUI changes
  • [Bug MC-18477] – Iron golems can see and attack invisible hostile mobs
  • [Bug MC-23940] – If you sleep in a bed near a transparent block, you can get in the block
  • [Bug MC-36718] – New fragmented sentences in translation
  • [Bug MC-43984] – Normal players can use player selectors
  • [Bug MC-46674] – Tools cant break Packed Ice faster
  • [Bug MC-53022] – Mobs not being targeted by team selector
  • [Bug MC-53166] – Horses do not convert their owner to UUID
  • [Bug MC-55490] – Spawning Cows on Mooshrooms
  • [Bug MC-55515] – sign.edit with §(color) changes the sign color
  • [Bug MC-56251] – “/weather rain” executed when weather is clear sets the weather to thunder
  • [Bug MC-56884] – Negative Color Crosshair when using resource pack
  • [Bug MC-58067] – Smooth & Chiseled Sandstone & Chiseled Quartz has Incorrect Bottom Texture
  • [Bug MC-60035] – Double slabs become seamless
  • [Bug MC-60039] – Server logging broken
  • [Bug MC-60093] – Blacksmith roof slabs oriented wrong
  • [Bug MC-60126] – Pistons retract on placement as if they were powered
  • [Bug MC-60150] – Fence Gates Placed Open
  • [Bug MC-60151] – Redstone repeaters are inverted
  • [Bug MC-60152] – Powered rail, detector rail, and activator rail are flipped when on an east/west slope
  • [Bug MC-60153] – iron door and wood door
  • [Bug MC-60156] – command blocks don’t trigger when dispensed onto a redstone block
  • [Bug MC-60208] – Pumpkin / Melon Seeds fully grown when planted
  • [Bug MC-60297] – Command blocks not redstone updating when placed
  • [Bug MC-60349] – TNT spawns ignited on Desert Temples
  • [Bug MC-60483] – When placing fire on side of tnt it only renders on the side
  • [Bug MC-61022] – Pumpkin stem with wrong texture

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