Minecraft snapshot 14w30c

7月 25th, 2014 § 0 comments

Minecraft snapshot 14w30c

Update: We’ve released snapshot 14w30c to fix some more crashes, world holes, other bugs and more optimizations.

It’s apparently my birthday today, so you get a present! That’s how birthdays work inside Minecraft.
Todays snapshot is heavily focused on more optimizing, with a pinch of bug fixing and a sprinkle of feature creeping. I think you’ll like it!

Notable changes:

  • Added Banners! But I’m not going to tell you how they work :)
  • Made Creeper, Skeleton and Zombie Heads available in survival. How? Don’t ask me!
  • Major optimizations to client rendering. It’s magical!
  • Lots of fun bugs fixed. Lighting should behave a little nicer now!
  • Crafting cuddles now requires one extra hug in the recipe.


アップデート:いくつかのクラッシュ対策と、ワールドの欠損、その他のバグと最適化のためにスナップショット 14w30c をリリースした。



  • バナー(旗)の追加!ただし、それがどの様に機能する予定なのかは教えない :)
  • クリーパーとスケルトン、ゾンビのヘッドをサバイバルモードで利用可能に。どうやって?私に聞かないで!
  • クライアントの描画に関する最適化。魔法みたいな!
  • 沢山の楽しいバグ修正。雷はより良い感じの挙動になった!
  • 抱擁のクラフトのレシピに一つ余分にハグが必要になりました。(勝手に注釈:多分誕生日ネタなのだと思う)

Minecraft snapshot 14w30c


  • [Bug MC-7508] – lighting error due to Chunk.heightMap ignoring block at the top level of an ExtendedBlockStorage instance (off by 1 error)
  • [Bug MC-32514] – The well in a desert village is made out of the wrong material/cobblestone
  • [Bug MC-58790] – Sign with give / replaceitem doesn’t update player inventory
  • [Bug MC-60301] – Broken resource packs: Game Crashes when i try to load 14w27a/b
  • [Bug MC-60552] – Flower pots with metadata placed in 1.7 will not render in 1.8 snapshots / metadata not removed
  • [Bug MC-62127] – Turning off VSync crashes the game
  • [Bug MC-62138] – “#PLAYER” Appears on Sidebar
  • [Bug MC-62170] – Carpet has incorrect height?
  • [Bug MC-62180] – /testfor @p doesn’t consider x,y,z anymore
  • [Bug MC-62223] – Crash in Video Settings menue
  • [Bug MC-62240] – command selector parameters dx dy dz don’t work
  • [Bug MC-62267] – Game crashes when trying to enable VSync
  • [Bug MC-62342] – Slabs can not be placed in adventure mode with tag CanPlaceOn.
  • [Bug MC-62349] – Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Saving entity NBT
  • [Bug MC-62379] – Spawners (Dungeons, Strongholds, etc…) can spawn mobs outside of worldborder
  • [Bug MC-62419] – Hopper: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot get property bcy{name=half, clazz=class ats, values=[upper, lower]} as it does not exist in bch{block=minec
  • [Bug MC-62493] – “/worldborder get” can display invalid size using “/worldborder add”
  • [Bug MC-62499] – /replaceitem block has incorrect syntax
  • [Bug MC-62504] – /kill adds 214748364 / 0xCCCCCCC to “Damage Taken” statistics
  • [Bug MC-62507] – Overlapping Dungeons Don’t Spawn Correctly
  • [Bug MC-62655] – Cubic player selector always finds player if there are more than 31 Entities around
  • [Bug MC-62736] – ReplaceItem command not updated when the command was executed with a sign
  • [Bug MC-62789] – Chunks containing paintings may be wiped and regenerated upon load

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