Minecraft snapshot 14w34a

8月 19th, 2014 § 0 comments

Minecraft snapshot 14w34a

With some luck, this week may be the last week of 1.8 snapshots! We’re hoping to do a pre-release this Thursday if there are no major issues remaining in the snapshots by then. Please help us out by searching for issues on the bug tracker and voting up the ones that affect you!

Notable changes:

  • Features fixed.
  • Bugs bettered.
  • Optimizations overworked.
  • Game grown.
  • Humanity happened.



いくつかの幸運もあり、今週が最後の 1.8 のスナップショットになるかもしれない!プレリリースをこの木曜日にしたいと思っている。もし大きな問題がこれ以上このスナップショットに残っていなければだけど。どうか、私たちが問題を見つけるのを the bug tracker で手伝って欲しい。


  • 色々修正
  • バグをよりマシにした
  • 過剰に動いていた部分の最適化
  • ゲームを成長させた
  • 人間性が生じた


Bugs fixed:

  • [Bug MC-36812] – Chat Opacity Option is not working
  • [Bug MC-50875] – “Can’t see up thru clouds” effect starting 1 block too high
  • [Bug MC-51298] – Sign / Banner darkens when displaying tooltips (tellraw hover text, inventory, Player UUID in chat)
  • [Bug MC-51610] – Item frame causing duplication when loading map (causing / caused by stack overflow)
  • [Bug MC-61676] – Tab list expands too far and is unreadable
  • [Bug MC-61946] – Rabbits sometimes have the name “entity.KillerBunny.name”
  • [Bug MC-62166] – Breaking / placing / changing blocks has a delay to disappear / appear
  • [Bug MC-62958] – Massive Visual Glitching with VBO turned off and Chunk distance over 16
  • [Bug MC-67127] – Armor stands fall down through slabs when I’m not around
  • [Bug MC-67854] – CustomNames on Spiders, Endermen and Ender Dragons are displayed incorrectly
  • [Bug MC-67872] – Furnace progress reset on left/right-click drag
  • [Bug MC-67890] – Heads On Tab Menu
  • [Bug MC-67896] – armor stand dropped down a few level on it’s own
  • [Bug MC-67916] – Sign doesn’t update with clone within tellraw sign
  • [Bug MC-67923] – clone and fill sometimes leave behind ghost tile entities
  • [Bug MC-67940] – Border of reset button in custom world option as incorrect limits
  • [Bug MC-67941] – Potion particles goes wrong
  • [Bug MC-67947] – Podzol does not change into dirt when sapling grows into tree

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