Minecraft snapshot 15w34a

8月 19th, 2015 § 0 comments

Minecraft snapshot 15w34a


That’s the sound of this update being pushed out really fast, due to some new speedy optimisations and speedy combat mechanics.

Todays snapshot makes a start on the melee combat changes, which are completely not final nor balanced at all in the absolute slightest not even a little bit really honestly seriously. We welcome all feedback, but please remember that nothing is yet balanced and the mechanics themselves are subject to change and redesign.

Here are some of the notable changes:

  • New “attack strength” combat mechanic.
  • Maps now start at a more useful zoom level.
  • New recipe for zooming in a map.
  • Lots of optimisations!
  • Improved command blocks.
  • Worsened Zombies’ arms getting tired.

And these are some of the fixed bugs:

  • [Bug MC-83471] – “CustomPotionEffects” Inoperable with Splash / lingering Potions
  • [Bug MC-85115] – Dragon Fireball doesn’t have a name (entity.DragonFireball.name)
  • [Bug MC-85592] – Default log4j2.xml is suboptimal
  • [Bug MC-86137] – Crash when breaking heads
  • [Bug MC-86138] – Pick block on Mob (Dragon) Head / Structure block crashes the game
  • [Bug MC-86152] – Records lose their custom name when placed in a record player







  • 新しい戦闘 “attack strength” のメカニクス
  • マップがもっと便利なズーム
  • マップのズームのための新しいレシピ
  • 沢山の最適化!
  • コマンドブロックの改良
  • 状態が悪化したゾンビの腕が疲れてる


  • [Bug MC-83471] – “CustomPotionEffects”(カスタムポーションエフェクト)でスプラッシュ/lingering ポーションを実行できない
  • [Bug MC-85115] – ドラゴンのファイアーボールが名前を持たない (entity.DragonFireball.name)
  • [Bug MC-85592] – Default log4j2.xml 最適下限
  • [Bug MC-86137] – 頭が破壊した時にクラッシュする
  • [Bug MC-86138] – Mobヘッドのブロックをピックするとゲームがクラッシュする
  • [Bug MC-86152] – レコードプレイヤーを配置する時、レコードのカスタムネームが失われる

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