Minecraft snapshot 15w41b

10月 13th, 2015 § 0 comments

Minecraft snapshot 15w41b

Update: We released a ‘b’ snapshot to fix a crash that affected some users on launch.

This week’s snapshot brings you the ability to smash out of the window of a high tower building, fly past the bad guys who are all shooting you with surprisingly bad accuracy, swoop down and land flawlessly into a strategically placed boat and then paddle away at moderately high speeds with the stolen prize pig in the back.

I’m not really sure what it all means, though.

Notable changes:

  • Fixed boats.
  • Added reward to End Cities.
  • Broke boats.
  • Improved cheat detection in multiplayer.
  • Fixed boats again.
  • Swoosh.
  • Splash.
  • Oink.



アップデート: スナップショット ‘b’ では一部のユーザーのランチャーでクラッシュする問題を修正した。


  • ボートの修正
  • エンドシティの報酬を追加
  • 壊れたボート
  • マルチプレーでのチート検知機能の強化
  • またボートの修正
  • シュッシュッ!
  • スプラッシュ
  • ブーブー

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