Minecraft snapshot 15w42a

10月 20th, 2015 § 0 comments

Minecraft snapshot 15w42a

Today is a very special day. Do you know why? No? Well then nevermind, it clearly isn’t important.

Oh, you’d like to know? Well, fine, I guess. It’s a snapshot day. There, happy now? You’ve gone and ruined all the surprise. I might as well just tell you exactly what’s in the snapshot then, and forgo any fun or mystery.

Notable changes:

  • Added two new “treasure” enchantments: “Frost Walker” and “Mending”.
  • Treasure enchantments cannot be created, only found.
  • “Frost Walker” enchant leaves a path of frost (new block) behind you, when walking across water.
  • “Mending” enchant allows items to stay durable, at a cost.
  • Improved speed & handling of boats.
  • Added new cost to using brewing stands.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs.
  • Optimised a bunch of plugs.
  • Drank from a bunch of jugs.




  • 新しく二つの “treasure” エンチャント “Frost Walker” と “Mending” を追加
  • 見つけるだけで、Treasure エンチャントを作ることは出来ない。
  • “Frost Walker” (霜歩き)エンチャントは水を横切っている時、歩いた所が凍結して Frost ブロック(新しく追加された氷のブロック)になる
  • “Mending” (修繕)エンチャントはコストを払いアイテムを耐久性のある状態に留めることが出来る
  • 種とボートの運転を改良
  • 醸造台を使う時のコストを追加
  • バグ修正
  • プラグの最適化


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