Minecraft snapshot 15w45a

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Minecraft snapshot 15w45a

We’re getting closer to a release version of Minecraft 1.9 and this is another snapshot on our way to get there. In the coming weeks we will focus more on performance, stability and bug fixing.

If you want us to look into certain bugs with higher priority, vote for the most annoying bugs on our bug tracker to draw our attention to them.

Notable changes:

  • A lot of bugs are fixed
  • Tweaks to pathfinding and monster-AI
  • Adjusted the temperature inside igloos
  • Some performance optimisations



私たちは今Minecraft 1.9 のリリースに近づいていて、これはその為のスナップショット。次の週には、よりパフォーマンスと安定性、バグ修正にに集中して取り組む予定。



  • 沢山のバグ修正
  • モンスターのAIの移動ルートを微調整
  • イグルーの中の温度を調整
  • 幾つかのパフォーマンスの問題を最適化


Bugs fixed in this snapshot:

  • [Bug MC-417] – Arrows first bounce back then appear at correct location
  • [Bug MC-1451] – Sideway placed blocks (quartz, hay bales, wood logs) textures are not rotated properly
  • [Bug MC-36933] – When using “Pick Block” on glowing Redstone Ore, it doesn’t give you anything
  • [Bug MC-48616] – All Mobs move extremely slowly in water
  • [Bug MC-58188] – Tripwire Hook block model lighting bug with Smooth Lighting OFF (Fix included)
  • [Bug MC-61716] – Melon/pumpkin stem faces adjacent grown block even if the seed isn’t mature
  • [Bug MC-67630] – Missing “Close Window” packet in the beacon.
  • [Bug MC-68170] – Thrown items are mirrored
  • [Bug MC-70268] – Missing colon after “Game Mode” in Open to LAN screen
  • [Bug MC-73056] – All wooden doors look like oak doors on maps
  • [Bug MC-78796] – “Fuel” tag for furnace minecarts overflows
  • [Bug MC-83141] – Clock/Compass icon resets when grabbed
  • [Bug MC-85029] – Multiplayer: Clocks in item frames do not tell the time
  • [Bug MC-85835] – Lingering potions have same texture as splash potions when thrown
  • [Bug MC-86296] – We can not extend or improve lingering potions with redstone or glowstone
  • [Bug MC-86672] – Splash/Lingering potions do not enter brewing stands via hopper
  • [Bug MC-87350] – Mob can’t jump one block when there is slab
  • [Bug MC-88103] – Clock animates incorrectly / spins at noon
  • [Bug MC-88336] – Shulker Collision Box
  • [Bug MC-89006] – Water disturbs mobs’ pathfinding
  • [Bug MC-89698] – Certain characters crash the game when used in a server IP
  • [Bug MC-89766] – Items on top of lily pads dance and jump from pad to pad
  • [Bug MC-89884] – Mobs forgot how to walk on Lily Pads
  • [Bug MC-90131] – Dispensers cant equip Elytra
  • [Bug MC-90590] – Dark Oak Boat is uncraftable
  • [Bug MC-90659] – Mobs that are on fire will not jump into water
  • [Bug MC-91128] – Lily pads can now be placed on ice and frosted ice, but will not stay
  • [Bug MC-91321] – Subtitles don’t appear if sound volume is set to off
  • [Bug MC-91377] – Guardian and elder guardian can drop bows, fishing rods and other fishing treasure/junk
  • [Bug MC-91552] – Overpowered achievement can’t be obtained.
  • [Bug MC-91567] – Leads break instantly/teleport to 0,0,0 visually
  • [Bug MC-91710] – Texture broken on stairs (uvlock is broken)
  • [Bug MC-91713] – Dispenser dropping Arrow instead of Shooting
  • [Bug MC-91715] – Fence / Cobblestone / Fence Gate Wall texture UV are misaligned
  • [Bug MC-91737] – luck is listed as negative effect
  • [Bug MC-91750] – Chorus plant texture stretched
  • [Bug MC-91753] – Buttons uvlock-related texture issue
  • [Bug MC-91754] – Pre-generated end crystals are invulnerable
  • [Bug MC-91786] – Game Crashes When Wolf/Iron Golem Kills Mob
  • [Bug MC-91804] – “Fire cackles” Subtitle
  • [Bug MC-91859] – Z-Fighting (or something similar) at top of Cobblestone Wall

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