Minecraft snapshot 15w47c

11月 27th, 2015 § 0 comments

今回のスナップショット Minecraft snapshot 15w47c もバグ修正ガメインで、まだバグ多いらしく細かくb、cとバグ修正を加えているようだ。


Minecraft snapshot 15w47c

Notable changes:

  • _Fixed a lot of bugs_

    Solved a lot of issues

  • Better support for transparency in skins
  • Reverted a change to redstone blocks that caused some issues with redstone contraptions in the previous snapshot
  • Prepared the game for the upcoming holidays
  • Changed something in the bacon block
  • Balancing tweaks




  • 沢山のバグを直した


  • スキンでより良い透明(transparency)をサポートした
  • 前回のスナップショットでレッドストーンの仕組みで引き起こされる幾つかの問題があったので、逆に戻した
  • 迫っているホリデーの為に準備した
  • ビーコンブロックの中を何か変更した
  • バランス調整


  • [Issue MC-1777] – Placing a painting “behind” a button makes button unclickable
  • [Issue MC-1973] – Items placed into a beacon are lost upon destroying it or reloading a world
  • [Issue MC-2844] – Doors have no placement sound.
  • [Issue MC-5927] – Daylight Sensor outputting signal when encased
  • [Issue MC-7519] – Clearing Nausea Potion Effect will stop it but show portal tint
  • [Issue MC-9089] – Suicide from potions gives player a point in playerKillCount
  • [Issue MC-12959] – TNT mesh rotated wrongly placed vs primed
  • [Issue MC-33384] – Noteblocks and jukeboxes play the wrong walk, place and break sounds
  • [Issue MC-42150] – On Christmas trapped chests don’t have texture of presents
  • [Issue MC-46772] – Skin hat layer translucency only works in the end dimension
  • [Issue MC-59777] – Endermen lose ability to dodge melee attacks after being hit
  • [Issue MC-65240] – Banner pole texture mis-aligned
  • [Issue MC-65699] – Armor Stand Duplication
  • [Issue MC-67017] – The small cube in slime blocks isn’t displayed in inventory and when dropped
  • [Issue MC-84625] – Mobs don’t navigate correctly in contact with Chorus Plants
  • [Issue MC-89141] – Shulker spawn instant position is crooked (not aligned to block grid)
  • [Issue MC-89882] – Shulkers Don’t Drop Experience
  • [Issue MC-92202] – Villagers stand outside opening and closing doors instead of entering
  • [Issue MC-92443] – Typo in soundevent name “enttiy.zombie.infect”
  • [Issue MC-92556] – Mobs bouncing and spinning on grass
  • [Issue MC-92559] – Splash potions are broken / All thrown potions are water potions
  • [Issue MC-92562] – Redstone blocks emit power through blocks
  • [Issue MC-92595] – Redstone blocks don’t update adjacent blocks’ power state correctly
  • [Issue MC-92866] – Purpur Slab variant displays “DEFAULT” in capital letters

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