Minecraft snapshot 16w05b

2月 5th, 2016 § 0 comments

Minecraft snapshot 16w05b


Update: Minecraft snapshot version 16w05b is now available in the launcher.

This weeks snapshot contains only few fixed for bugs reported on the bug tracker. We started looking at the Realms integration to make sure everything is up to date with the changes that were introduced during the lifetime of the 1.8.x versions.

We also started automating more of our internal workflows. It doesn’t make much sense to mention that here, because it’s nothing you can see in the game and it only makes our lives easier as developers, but for the sake of having a slighly longer post this week I decided to keep it in here.

Notable changes:

  • Fixed some bugs
  • Tweaked boats a bit more
  • Hidden a small recipe change
  • Endermites or now 2.44% more happy than before, especially in boats

Bugs fixed in this snapshot:




アップデート: Minecraft snapshot のバージョン 16w05b がランチャーから利用できるようになりました。

今週のスナップショットはバグとラッカーで報告されたバグの幾つかの修正だけです。私たちは Realms との統合に眼を向け始めている所で、バージョン1.8.x のライフタイムの間に紹介された変更点を全てをしっかりと最新の状態に合わせます。



  • いくつかのバグを修正
  • ボートを更に少し微調整
  • 隠された小さなレシピの変更
  • 以前より 2.44% ハッピーに。特にボートの中では(Endermites と言うのがちょっと意味が分らない。)




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