Minecraft snapshot 14w10a

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Minecraft snapshot 14w10a


Mapmaker changes:

  • Fixed stat.useItem for many items
  • Fixed bounding boxes of item frames and paintings, they can’t overlap anymore
  • Fixed debug rendering of bounding boxes for many entities
  • Added stat.crouchedOneCm and stat.sprintedOneCm
  • Testing for scores now also works in @e entity selectors
  • Fixed potential “infinite” recursion issue with the blockdata command in commandblocks
  • New stat.timeSinceDeath
  • Added scoreboard team property to disable death messages
  • Command /scoreboard players can now filter by NBT data
  • Players in creative mode can now damage entities even if they are flagged invulnerable
  • Improved position handling of item frames and paintings
  • Minor tweaks to the /clone command to make it more reliable



  • 沢山のアイテムのために、stat.useItem を修正
  • アイテムフレームと絵画の境界線を修正、もはや重複する事が出来なくなった。
  • 沢山の entities のために境界線の描画を修正
  • stat.crouchedOneCm と stat.sprintedOneCm を追加
  • score の調査で @e が使えるように
  • コマンドブロックのブロックデータコマンドで無限ループしてしまう可能性があった問題を修正
  • 新しい stat.timeSinceDeath
  • スコアボードのチームプロパティにデスメッセージの無効化を追加
  • コマンド “/scoreboard players ” が NBT data によってフィルターできる様に
  • クリエイティブモードのプレイヤーは無敵フラグが付いている Mob にもダメージを与えれるように。
  • アイテムフレームと絵画の設置操作を改善
  • /clone コマンドの信頼性を上げる小さな調整


Minecraft snapshot 14w10b

14w10b の方はバグ修正やクラッシュ対策がメイン

Update: A ‘b’ snapshot has been released to address various bugs and crashes. Changelog:

  • [Bug MC-50219] – “Slightly Damaged Anvil” Faces the wrong way in Inventory
  • [Bug MC-50220] – “Nether Brick Fence” is not rendered correctly in inventory
  • [Bug MC-50221] – Crash report on a server
  • [Bug MC-50222] – Dirt texture on Grass Blocks is green
  • [Bug MC-50223] – 14w10a dedicated server crash at startup
  • [Bug MC-50226] – Jukebox is missing the textures when disc is inside
  • [Bug MC-50229] – Scoreboard team option deathMessageVisibility error message lists wrong options when ran without option parameter
  • [Bug MC-50231] – Failed to load user/ip banlist
  • [Bug MC-50232] – Wheat appears as purple and black checkerbox
  • [Bug MC-50233] – Double Stone Slabs have the “missing texture” texture
  • [Bug MC-50235] – End Portal Frame Texture Bug
  • [Bug MC-50239] – Middle-clicking hydrated farmland gives me a weird 2D dirt block
  • [Bug MC-50241] – Cannot add or set scores of offline or “fake” players
  • [Bug MC-50242] – Powered Repeater
  • [Bug MC-50246] – Bed Bug
  • [Bug MC-50250] – texture of nether wart is broken
  • [Bug MC-50254] – full snowlayer block has a missing model/texture
  • [Bug MC-50256] – Powered repeater doesn’t show edges of torch
  • [Bug MC-50259] – Upward facing dispenser texture bug
  • [Bug MC-50265] – The Nether Brick Fence fail texture in inventory
  • [Bug MC-50267] – Hopper: java.lang.ClassCastException: atf cannot be cast to aoc
  • [Bug MC-50270] – Hopper: java.lang.ClassCastException: atf cannot be cast to arj
  • [Bug MC-50271] – When jukebox plays music disk, the texture disappears
  • [Bug MC-50273] – Hopper: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1



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